Sunday, September 21, 2008

currently :

in a thoughtful mood...

favorites at thee moment : cranberry juice, showers, GG, "jogging", school, COFFEE, bella, change, mybed, alone time

dislikes at thee moment : unemployment, weather, math

goodbye summer . its been real :) until next time ;)

heeelllloooo fall/winter.... my favorite . 

what i've learned this week : fate can only give you the directions, its up to you to take them. 

also holding on is harder than letting go.  

" say whatever you have to say. i won't judge you. be whoever you have to be, to get it out and not be become a reaction memory to hurt the ones you love. i know you never meant to but you did . "

i need a heart that's in the right place.


that's all.

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